PSC Logo


What services and qualities does the Public Speaking Center offer?

The public speaking center provides an education service that helps students practice and develop their public speaking skills.

What ideas come to mind when you think of the services of the PSC?

PSC services that come to mind are the student adviser appointments that help students with outlines and speaking practice.

Who are the main target audiences of the PSC?

Demographic: UWL students age 18-24 enrolled in classes that require public speaking requirements

Goals: The goal of the PSC’s target audience is to refine their public speaking skills for class requirements, and develop them for applications in the workforce after they graduate

In your view, what words best describe the qualities of the PSC ?

The best words to describe the PSC are reliable, helpful, friendly, constructive, supportive, and enthusiastic.

What sort of look and feel do you think is required in the logo for the PSC ?

I think the logo for the PSC needs to be simple, informal, and reflect the uniqueness of the PSC at UWL. I used a script font to make the logo welcoming. We are trying to invite people to stop in, so using a script font will portray a welcoming and informal atmosphere.

In your view, which of the following would best represent the qualities of the PSC?

I think lettermark would be the best representation for the PSC because the abbreviation is unique and the goal of promoting them is to make PSC recognizable to students as the Public Speaking Center. Students tend to give nicknames to buildings, clubs, and campus entities, so I think their logo should reflect that.

What colors do you think best represents the PSC?

I think the PSC logo should be orange because orange stands for success. While it would be useful to maintain maroon and white, lots of other logos use those colors and the PSC logo should stand out.