Digital Content Strategy

Oktoberfest Blog Posts

  • The 5 La Crosse Bars with the Best Oktoberfest Deal
  • The Best Bands at Oktoberfest This Year That You Don’t Want to Miss
  • 6 Infamous La Crosse Locals to Look For at This Years Oktoberfest
  • Ten Ways to Have a Blast At Oktoberfest Without Breaking the Bank
  • 13 Fun-Filled Activities You and Your Kids Will Love During Oktoberfest

CST Department

1.Blog (Format/Type) and List  (Topic)

Description: Generate a list of recommendation created by CST students to advise underclassman the best things do to prepare for being accepted to the CST program

2. Checklist (Format/Type) and How-To (Topic)

Description: In a How-To article (How to graduate in 4 years) provide a checklist of classes and requirements needed for graduation

3. Video (Format/Type) and Behind-the-scenes (Topic)

Description: Compile short video clips from the Communication Club’s meetings and events to post on the org’s website to show prospective members what the club does and show people having a good time at the club to entice students to join

4. Comparison Chart (Format/Type) and  Product Information (about department) (Topic)

Description: Comparing the Communication Department to other Departments at the university with a comparison chart which highlights credit requirements, senior project requirements, and classes available


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